Used Book Trading



We offer store credit for gently used books.

Sorry, we do not buy books.

Donations/Drop Offs are accepted only on Monday-Friday. 

Trade-ins are on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, between 10 and 5.  If you need to make other arrangements please email and we will make an appointment for you at a time we have staff available. 

We can take 1 box or 2 bags per donation/trade. Bring books in a container you do NOT want back, as they will be quarantined before we can receive them into inventory.  We cannot return any books that we are not taking for credit.

How Credit works- You will be given a dollar amount in credit that we enter into our computer database. Anytime you buy a used book (in stock) we will take half of the price from your credit and you pay the other half. For example $10 in used books would cost you $5 and $5 would come off your credit. Credit can not be applied to new books or books we order in for you.


What we are currently taking for credit

- Paperback fiction less than 10 years old

- - Paperback and hard cover nonfiction less than 5 years old (we are not taking biographies or self-help books at this time)

- Picture books in very good condtion less than 10 years old

- Children's books in very good condition less than 10 years old.


What we are not taking

- Hardcover fiction more than 1 year old

- Any biographies or memoirs, self-help, or older nonfiction

- Magazines, encyclopedias, workbooks, textbooks

- Children's books older than 15 years

- Any books with torn covers or broken spines