Intro to Tarot, Part 2- May 6

AaronsBooks Fri, 03/08/2024 - 10:15am
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Just started your Tarot journey, and not sure where to go next? Join Alexis for a small group class that will guide you through more intricacies of the Tarot and dive into more complex spreads to get you confidently reading for any scenario. We ask that as a prerequisite for this class, you’ve either attended our “Intro to Tarot” class, or that you are already familiar with the Major Arcana and simple readings. Resource materials included.

Tickets are $25 and include the session, materials and a voucher for future purchases.

Prior knowledge of Tarot or attendance at our previous Intro classes required. Bring your own deck, or purchase one of ours.

List price: $25.00
Price: $25.00