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On select Sundays we will be taking out new (to us) Role- Playing Game systems out for a spin.  Each game will be a short introduction to the mechanics and character creation, and then a quick play through to get the flavor of the game.  Each game is free, but requires a seat reservation, as we limit each table to 5-7 players.


Sunday 9/15, 1pm

OSR meets 5E.  Ryan will run us through a D&D game, mashing and mixing some of the OSR ("old school", ala 2E) with the current 5th Edtion system. 

Purple lightning crashes through the sky, but you don’t see it deep within the tunnels of the Warrens. You do feel the thunder and high winds rocking the entire city though, as you sit in this cave of a tavern and sip an ale brewed from lichen.

You’ve always felt a wanderlust, a need to get out, but there’s nowhere to go. There is only the Drifting City. Eternally floating over a world you’ve never seen. It is overcrowded and under-resourced, a hell drifting through the heavens. Everyone you’ve ever known was born here and everyone will die here, destined to feed the fungal grottoes as they decay. But the last message from your rebel contact was different. There was an urgency to it. And the last sentence filled you with both terror and hope.

“Soon we leave.”



City of Mist, GM'd by Sam

City of Mist is a noir tabletop role-playing game where you play modern-day versions of your favorite myths, legends, and fairy tales. Investigate crimes committed by the Snow Queen, the Minotaur, or Alice in Wonderland as you explore a gritty City teeming with legendary powers.





Sunday, 10/20, 1pm

Numenera, GM'd by Ryan

Explore a world of mystery and danger, a world a billion years in the future. A world defined by the detritus of bygone eras, when humanity spoke to the stars, reengineered their physical bodies, mastered form and essence, and ultimately disappeared or transcended. These ancients left behind the numenera—bits of their civilizations inscrutable to the people of the Ninth World. Items and places of power and wonder. Explore this world, find and master the numemera, and build a better future!



Sunday 11/10, 1pm

Pathfinder 2.0, GM'd by Mike

Pathfinder Second Edition, released at GenCon 2019,  is the culmination of over a decade of development and feedback from more than 125,000 gamers. Streamlined rules and intuitive presentation get you right in the action, whether you're a seasoned veteran or new to tabletop roleplaying. Pathfinder 2.0 has the deep character customization you love, with three simple choices during character creation unlocking more than 75,000 unique characters. You’ll continue to make meaningful customization choices as you level up, creating your perfect character.



Sunday 11/17, 1pm

The Princess Bride GM'd by Todd. Yes, THE Princess Bride is now an RPG.

Fezzik, Inigo, Westley, and Buttercup are coming to our table. The Princess Bride RPG is designed by Steffan O'Sullivan, the designer of classic RPG titles such as GURPS: Swashbucklers, GURPS: Bunnies and Burrows, and of course Fudge. The Princess Bride RPG is using the Fudge system, a great, light RPG engine that provides just the right feel of light-hearted, fantastic adventure that embodies The Princess Bride universe.


RSVP below, indicate dates for which you are reserving a seat.  We will update availability here as tables fill.

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Sunday, September 15, 2019 - 1:00pm
Sunday, September 22, 2019 - 1:00pm
Sunday, October 20, 2019 - 1:00pm
Sunday, November 10, 2019 - 1:00pm
Sunday, November 17, 2019 - 1:00pm
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35 E. Main Street
Lititz, PA 17543
Pathfinder Core Rulebook (P2) Cover Image
ISBN: 9781640781689
Availability: Likely 1-5 Days; Some Exceptions

Published: Paizo Inc. - August 1st, 2019

Dungeons & Dragons Player's Handbook (Core Rulebook, D&D Roleplaying Game) Cover Image
ISBN: 9780786965601
Availability: Likely 1-5 Days; Some Exceptions

Published: Wizards of the Coast - August 19th, 2014

City of Mist Player's Guide City of Mist RPG Core, Hardback Cover Image
By Modiphius (Created by)
ISBN: 9789659258741
Availability: Likely 1-5 Days; Some Exceptions

Published: Modiphius - June 25th, 2019

The Princess Bride: S. Morgenstern's Classic Tale of True Love and High Adventure Cover Image
ISBN: 9780156035217
Availability: Likely 1-5 Days; Some Exceptions

Published: Mariner Books - October 8th, 2007

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