Three Cozy Triplets to Try in the 3rd Month (333)

AaronsBooks Fri, 03/04/2022 - 1:38pm

There are a plethora of long cozy series that go into the double digits, and it's often hard to get started knowing you have 15 more books to read to catch up with new releases. I have three newish series that right now only have three books each... so it's easy to pick them up and not feel daunted by that TBR pile.

First up is a zany family, good Greek food, and one of the most unique cozy critters. The Goddess of Greene Street series by Kate Collins is just what you want in a cozy mystery. In Statue of LimitationsAthena Spencer returns home to help run her family's garden center. The center is at risk of being bulldozed for a new condo unit... but of course there is also a murder for her to solve. Book two is A Big Fat Greek Wedding, which revolves a round (you guessed it) a big fat Greek wedding, and the third book, Big Trouble In Little Greektown, starts with a fundraiser and art fetival... but you know it all comes to an end when a body is found. I recommend this series because it really is the quintessential cozy- heroine returning home, intriguing new love interest, a quirky family with a grandpa you just want to hug, plenty of food, good twists, and a delightful animal. In this case, Athena comes to do "battle" with a racoon terrorizing the garden center... which eventually becomes a "pet" and is good for comedic beats in each book.



Next is a series that I just discovered a few months ago- The Hungarian Tea House Series. This one transports you to a Chicago suburb populated by old Hungarian families. Hannah and her family run a tea house, and that lends itself to all sorts of mayhem when tea party atendees die of unnatural causes. This series has wonderful descriptions of Hungary, Hungarian customs, and food... oh the food! I craved goulash for days after reading this... and now typing this I crave it again! Book one, Death in a Budpest Butterfly, introduces us to the family and we get to know them and their magical secrets really well. (Did I mention Hannah and her grandmother have psychic abilities?)  Book two, Death of a Wandering Wolf, continues with the theme of Hungarian fairy tales and Hannah discovers a tracking device on an antique wolf figurine she purchases from her favorite treasures shop. Book three just came out this week, so I have not yet had the chance to devour it, but I'm sure it's just as good as the others... and will leave my mouth watering thinking of Hungarian pastries. Death on the Night of Lost Lizards, had Hannah hosting her own tea party only to discover a murderer is on the loose and the victim is a professor of Hungarian studies.

My third recommended cozy for this month is the Colorado Wine Mystery series. I drank in these three books all in one month. I just couldn't wait and space them out. I was raised in several wine countries and I loved learning more about the wine making and pairing processes. Killer Chardonnay introduces the reader to Parker Valentine, who is spending her inheritance to open a winery in her home town of Boulder. Her opening day ends abruptly when she discovers a body in the bathroom. The twists and turns, along with the great character introductions make this a wonderful first book in a cozy series. The second book, A Pairing to Die For has Parker working to prove her new boyfirend did not kill his sous chef, while also dealing with his very judgemental family. Book three, Mulled To Death, is a classic Christie-esque mystery as Parker and friends take a working holiday at a ski lodge. Book four has just been announced to come out in November. I'll try and be patient. it's not like my TBR bookcase doesn't offer plenty of choices between now and then.




Happy Reading - and Sleuthing - as we enter Spring.