The Key of Knowledge (Paperback)

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We all know the story of Lazarus. He died and four days later, resurrected by Jesus. The story you don't know is what happened those four days in the grave. What happened to Lazarus after he rejoined the living? When a person dies, they become the prize of Azreal, the angel of death. Now, if that prize is taken from him, he doesn't take that too kindly. The people that witnessed the miracle of the resurrection in that small town of Bethany started to believe in Jesus, and the Pharisee priests could not allow that to happen. Five priests set out to kill the newly resurrected Lazarus to set an example to all that Jesus was just a fraud. By murdering Lazarus, they brought the wrath of Azrael upon them. These priests were cursed to protect the knowledge of what happened those four days inside the body of Lazarus. To preserve the essence of the death angel himself. One cold night in the early eighteen hundreds, while helping her husband with a research dig in Constantinople, Ruina Baxter found the remains of Lazarus himself. What she discovered inside the body changed the course of time forever. A piece of the death angel, a shadow gem of sorts, was left inside. This shadow gem absorbed into her skin, giving her the power of the resurrection; immortality, and the control over death, meaning, if she kills you, you become her personal zombie. She took this power to eventually take over the world. The only way to unlock the powers of the shadow gem is by holding all five keys of the priests. The Keys of Lazarus.

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ISBN: 9798629659822
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: March 31st, 2020
Pages: 142
Language: English