Famous Men of Ancient Times (Abridged / Paperback)

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The reader of these pages will perhaps remark, that the length of the following sketches is hardly proportioned to the relative importance of the several subjects, regarded in a merely historical point of view. In explanation of this fact, the author begs leave to say, that, while he intended to present a series of the great beacon lights that shine along the shores of the past, and thus throw a continuous gleam over the dusky sea of ancient history, -he had still other views. His chief aim is moral culture; and the several articles have been abridged or extended, as this controlling purpose might be subserved. CONTENTS. 1) MOHAMMED, 2)BELISARIUS,3) ATTILA, 4)NERO, 5)SENECA, 6)VIRGIL, 7)CICERO, 8) JULIUS C SAR, 10) HANNIBAL, 11) ALEXANDER, 12) ARISTOTLE, 13) DEMOSTHENES, 14) APELLES, 15) DIOGENES, 16) PLATO, 17) SOCRATES, 18) ALCIBIADES, 19) DEMOCRITUS, 20) PERICLES, 21) ARISTIDES, 22) SOP, 23) SOLON, 24) LYCURGUS, 25) HOMER,26) CONFUCIUS.

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