How to Manifest: Bring Your Goals into Alignment with the Alchemy of the Universe [A Manifestation Book] (Hardcover)

How to Manifest: Bring Your Goals into Alignment with the Alchemy of the Universe [A Manifestation Book] By Gill Thackray Cover Image
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Harness the law of attraction and transform your reality with this practical, accessible guide to manifesting your dreams.

Your existence is a vital part of the universe. That can be difficult to remember when navigating overscheduled days full of uncertainty. Throughout the centuries, people have changed their lives by transforming how they think about themselves and their abilities. Through simple, thoughtful exercises that restore your purpose, How to Manifest shares modern practices rooted in ancient philosophies that can turn your life into the one you seek.

Whether setting your intention, creating your vision, or reframing your habits, this beautifully illustrated guide provides actionable ways to invite supportive forces into your life so you can live with meaning. Through self-reflection, learn how to:

  • balance your chakras to reduce stress and improve well-being
  • visualize desired outcomes to achieve your dreams
  • conduct full-moon rituals to connect with the universe and your own sense of knowing

Whether you’re looking to live with purpose, center wellness, or act with greater gratitude and compassion, How to Manifest offers an approachable reminder of how to work in concert with yourself and the universe.

About the Author

Gill Thackray is a mindfulness teacher, business psychologist, coach, and writer. She has worked with hundreds of organizations to improve performance, innovation, and strategy, including the United Nations, the government of the United Kingdom, Spotify, the London School of Economics, and the Nigerian ministry of communications. She has an MSc in mindfulness studies and is professionally accredited by the International Mindfulness Teachers Association. She continues to train in transpersonal psychology and as a master energy medicine practitioner at The Four Winds, which combines neuroscience with neo-shamanism.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781984861962
ISBN-10: 1984861964
Publisher: Ten Speed Press
Publication Date: December 27th, 2022
Pages: 128
Language: English