Great Battles for Boys: World War I (Paperback)

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"Five stars out of five." - Amazon #1 Hall of Fame reviewerDoes your son spend hours playing videogames but hates reading?What if you could give him all the excitement of screen time AND spark his interest in books?

Now you can-with Great Battles for Boys, the series written specifically for reluctant readers. Quick and exciting chapters take boys to the front lines of history's most important military conflicts. Boys also get to see historic photographs, maps, and read biographies of heroic soldiers.

Get boys hooked on reading-give them books they want to read

In his highly acclaimed middle-school class "Great Battles for Boys," author Joe Giorello ignites excitement for reading and history. Now your son can experience that same thrilling adventure in learning.

Written for boys ages 8-14, particularly boys who struggle with reading, this series changes how boys view "school stuff."

In this installment of the bestselling series, young readers experience an unforgettable journey into World War I. They learn about the major battles, leaders, tactics, and strategies that helped the Allies topple the Axis powers. They'll also learn about new inventions, such as airplanes and tanks, which proved crucial to "The Great War."

Among the battles covered:

- Battle of Tannenberg: outnumbered German soldiers plan a sneak attack that destroys Russian forces, capturing 150,000 prisoners of war.
- Battle of the Somme: One of military history's worst follies, this battle ended with more than one million casualties-and yet achieved almost nothing for either side.
- Battle of Cantigny: A little-known battle that proved the late-arriving American forces reached the Western Front ready to win.

Other chapters cover WWI's most fascinating figures, such as Lawrence of Arabia, Sergeant York, the Harlem Hellfighters, and world events, including the Russian Revolution of 1917.

Filled with historic photographs, maps, and notable biographies of ordinary soldiers who accomplished extraordinary feats, Great Battles for Boys: WWI also offers suggestions for movies about each battle that the whole family can watch together.

If your son likes action-packed accounts and authentic details, he will love this book.
Pick up Great Battles for Boys today-and journey to the front lines of history

"This book should be in school libraries everywhere. It is a treasure trove of information that is engagingly written that makes one feel they are in a great classroom with a great instructor sharing his knowledge in a fun way." -Hall of Fame Amazon Reviewer

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