The Character of the New Man: unveiling the king in every man (Paperback)

The Character of the New Man: unveiling the king in every man By David Peterson Cover Image
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When man fell into sin, he lost the glory of God that was covering him. He also lost the many favours he was enjoying in the garden where God put him originally. However, right from the time man fell, God began to make plans for his redemption. This plan can first be noticed from God's action in making a covering for man's nakedness with animal skin. Now that there is an option for man to become reconnected with God, he must have to live his life accordingly. Unfortunately, the ability to live a holy life is quite difficult and impossible for the ordinary man to carry out. This is because the innate nature of man is evil and thus man is bound to live a sinful life. This is what the new nature comes to take away. "...for if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature; old things are passed away...all things become new." Accepting the new nature translates to a change in nature. This means the erstwhile sinful nature of the natural man is taken away and replaced with the godly nature that is peculiar to God. Hence, the character of a new man is thus in resonance with the nature of the new man. Every new creation man has the nature of God in him and this is evident in the way his character qualities play out. With the law of Grace at our disposal, we have to continually express this level of operating in our daily lives. This book walks us through the operational realm of new creation men and how they must exude the qualities that is congruent with the new creation dispensation. As born again Christians, we now carry the likeness of God within us and have his perfect nature within us. Thus, our spirit is now greater than whatever experiences we might undergo. The character of the new man is a must-read for both new and older Christians of the faith.

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Publication Date: October 11th, 2019
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