In the Heat of the Storm (Paperback)

In the Heat of the Storm By Paige Trevisani Cover Image
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Raised from the dead, Abigail Richardson has found herself at odds with her country's diabolical ruler OPTI who seeks to destroy any sliver of dissent in New America. After the miracle on Easter Sunday, Abigail's faith is stronger than ever. However, her journey to freedom is far from over, and Abigail faces her darkest moments yet. When OPTI rains more terror down on Abigail's hometown, Greenfield, Abigail is forced to do whatever she can to survive the storm with her faith. With OPTI threatening Scarlett's life and anyone close to her, Abigail must find the strength to trust that Jesus will calm the storm of her life and help her save Heath and her siblings. Abigail has no choice but to take action to defy OPTI's rule once more before it's too late.

The fate of New America relies on Abigail's ability to gain the support of her classmates to resist OPTI's rule while meeting the high demands of her new stepfather, Florian Matthews. He is determined to use whatever is in his power to enforce Abigail and Scarlett's allegiances to OPTI and crush their faiths, even demanding they join their school's Lilacs Club run by an intriguing new student. Can Abigail unite her school against OPTI before they face imminent destruction? Will Abigail and Scarlett survive the burning heat in the eye of the storm? Only time will tell.

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ISBN: 9781638746966
ISBN-10: 1638746966
Publisher: Christian Faith Publishing, Inc
Publication Date: November 24th, 2021
Pages: 366
Language: English