Timmy's Tornado (Hardcover)

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By David Vliestra, Barbara Denef (Illustrator)
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Terrific book filled with a child's imaginative thoughts This book introduces tornado information in the most positive was for young children. Very creative fabulous illustrations with detailed thoughts relating to the tornado and its effect inspire young children that taking a bath is great fun - ITEEA

Timmy's Tornado is a fun picture book about a boy and his pet tornado. The story is engaging and a fantastical twist on the everyday bath. I would recommend this to children and educators, as Timmy's journey with his tornado can be used as a basis for practicing story sequencing. - Plymouth Public Schools

Timmy finds a tornado at the bottom of his bathtub. He decides he's going to keep it. The tornado was sweet and cuddly at first, but its jar soon became too small. . .

A book full of fantasy and fun and a pet tornado. For bath-loving children ages 4 and up.

Guided Reading Level J.

About the Author

David Vlietstra is a teacher at primary and secondary school. Because in the first classes his pupils had had female teachers all the time, every day at least 17 times some of the kids call him 'miss'. That's why he thought it was the time there should be a sturdy master in the primary grade .... Mister Whisker, the main character in his first book, is such a teacher. He has humor, he is impulsive and he likes naughty tricks. Together with the pupils, they take part in a contest organized by the local grocery shop. They might win a trip to an amusement park. For children a little bit older David Vlietstra wrote Willy Boom, a story full of suspense about the 10-year-old Willy. He has to travel through the Wild West to deliver a precious secret to his sister Hocus pocus penguin is his third children's book.

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ISBN: 9781605375854
ISBN-10: 1605375853
Publisher: Clavis
Publication Date: August 4th, 2020
Pages: 32
Language: English