30 Day Whole Foods Cookbook 2: 90 Whole Foods Recipes for YOUR Healthy Life (breakfast, lunch, dinner) (Paperback)

30 Day Whole Foods Cookbook 2: 90 Whole Foods Recipes for YOUR Healthy Life (breakfast, lunch, dinner) By Stella Parker Cover Image
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The concept of the Whole Foods diet dates back to early 2009 when medicinal practitioners Melissa Hartwig and Dallas Hartwig first introduced the program to the world. The core aim of a Whole Foods diet is to completely reset the nutritional values of the body within a span of 30 days and put an end to unhealthy eating habits while helping to restore and reinvigorate the body's metabolic, digestive and diseases preventive functionalities. And how does it do that? Well, there's no magical formula behind all of it Just like any other diet out there, Whole Foods also requires you to completely give up specific food groups (such as junk foods, sugary foods, and dairy products) which are believed to negatively impact the well- being of your body if taken in large quantities. Since the diet is essentially eliminating these kind of produces for 30 days, the diet is also sometimes referred to as Elimination Diet. To quote the founders and designers of the Whole Foods program, "By eliminating all of the inflammatory, psychology unhealthy, gut-disrupting and hormone unbalancing foods groups for 30 days, the Whole Foods diet will literally 'Change Your Life' forever " You might be wondering, though, that this diet essentially sounds like a Paleo or Atkins Diet The reason for that is because Whole Foods Is actually based on the framework of a Paleo diet. However, Do I have your attention now? Excellent Allow me to educate you further on the topic of Whole Foods now before you jump in on the recipes and start to "Change Your Life."

Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...
  • The Benefits of Whole Foods
  • Foods that are allowed for Whole Foods
  • Foods that not are allowed for Whole Foods
  • No side effects of Whole Foods?
  • 10 amazing tips for Whole Foods
  • Chapter 1: 30 Breakfast Ideas
  • Chapter 2: 30 Lunch Ideas
  • Chapter 3: 30 Dinner Ideas

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