Autoimmune Cookbook: Autoimmune All-Day Recipes Vol. 4 (Paperback)

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Autoimmune Cookbook Autoimmune All-Day Recipes Vol. 4 There are strong beliefs that some specific foods are more likely to trigger autoimmune reactions. These foods contain certain toxins, proteins or molecules that cause inflammation and trigger autoimmune reactions. This interesting topic has led to the creation of a very restrictive diet designed to eliminate all the common inflammation-causing "problem foods" from one's diet and reintroduce them one at a time in order to identify the culprit(s). This diet is known as the autoimmune protocol (AIP). The goal of the autoimmune protocol is to allow the person's immune system to rest, lower inflammation levels and allow for recovery. Once inflammation levels are low enough and the gut is healed, the person can start reintroducing foods one by one, carefully monitoring any resulting autoimmune flare-ups. Since the autoimmune protocol is generally pretty boring, most people are excited to reintroduce foods after several weeks.Table of ContentsWhy the Autoimmune Protocol?Foods to AvoidIntroductionChapter 1 - Soups & SaladsCream of Broccoli SoupChicken & Kale SoupFrench Onion SoupShrimp and Mango SaladTuna with Blackberry VinaigretteChapter 2 - Main DishesSalmon CakesBasil ShrimpCoconut Crusted CodChicken with ArtichokesSweet and Sour ChickenRoasted Turkey LegsMeatloafLamb PattiesCitrus Seared SteakSlow-Cooked Pork RoastChapter 3 - Side DishesRutabaga PureeSaffron-Garlic CauliflowerRoasted FennelSpinach-Stuffed PortobellosAsparagus with ProsciuttoBacon-Roasted Butternut SquashApple-Carrot-Beet SlawWarm Fruit CompoteWild Mushroom Saut Artichokes with Avocado MayoChapter 4 - SnacksWatermelon ShakeStrawberry Kiwi SmoothieSavory SmoothieBanana SplitTurkey Apple Wraps.

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