The Motherland Cookbook: Easy, Tasty, Healthy but not Fast ... (Hardcover)

The Motherland Cookbook: Easy, Tasty, Healthy but not Fast ... By Sabina Leyla Jules Cover Image
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The Motherland Cookbook is a book of recipes, nutrition information and education. It includes stories about the origins of some recipes. Emphasis is also laid on healthy choices and alternatives as well as easy cooking methods. African dishes usually take a long time to cook after prepping. The author has carefully tested and documented easier ways of cooking delicious African dishes while maintaining the nutritive values of the foods. There is useful information and education on the use of salt and other food additives, traditional tenderizers and emulsifiers in the book as well. Food is our body's medicine, so we should take the time to cook the food that we feed our bodies. Timings have been deliberately left out of the recipes because if you cherish your body, the time it takes to make a delicious and healthy meal will be worthwhile.

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ISBN: 9781495120015
ISBN-10: 1495120015
Publisher: Motherland Spices
Publication Date: October 21st, 2014
Pages: 258
Language: English