Lightning as a 'Photographer': Revisiting a Forgotten Phenomenon of Nature (Paperback)

Lightning as a 'Photographer': Revisiting a Forgotten Phenomenon of Nature By Chidambaram Ramesh Cover Image
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Occasionally, it happens that when men or animals have been struck by lightning, peculiar impressions have been left upon their bodies, which seem to be the exact impression of some adjacent objects, persons, paintings, etc., in the vicinity of the stroke. The imprint is so accurate, and sometimes the exact colors of the original object are also imprinted in such a way that it makes any common observer believe it to be a photographic replica. Amazing as it may seem, lightning sometimes turns out to be a good photographer

The book revisits this curious phenomenon of nature after more than a century, especially at a time when science is perplexed to explain the causes of spontaneous appearance of ghostly images occasionally found on windowpanes or the recent miraculous appearance of Virgin Mary's image on the window of a hospital in Malaysia.

The book contains a greater body of information about the curious photographic effects of lightning than any other work on the subject, and it will be a convenient guide to those who wish to investigate further the amazing phenomenon of nature. This is a thorough study of the subject, written in nontechnical language for the layman with a scientific inclination or just curiosity about nature.

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ISBN: 9781482800487
ISBN-10: 1482800489
Publisher: Partridge Publishing
Publication Date: June 5th, 2013
Pages: 130
Language: English