Book Groups at Aaron’s


We host several in-store book clubs, and co-host one with our local yoga studio. You are invited to join as you want! Reading the book is not a pre-requisite (but there will be SPOILERS).  All books purchased at Aaron's are 15% off (and we do prefer all books be purchased with us, so we can continue hosting the clubs).

If you run our own local club, we do offer discounts when your members purchase with us.  Email to learn more and get on our list.

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Svadhyaya is the Sanskrit word for "self-study". We will read and discuss a book each month chosen to help us reflect on ourselves, our place in the world, and what we can do to make our community stronger for all.

We meet the first Saturday of the month at Black Cat Yoga for discussion and meditation on that month's book. Books are available for purchase at Aaron's Books and Black Cat Yoga.






Our Spellbound Book Circle is an inclusive and welcoming space where people of all backgrounds and spiritual paths can come together to discuss relevant books related to metaphysics, earth based religions, alternative spirituality, witchcraft, neopaganism, activism, equity, and personal growth. Our discussions are facilitated by members of the group, and we encourage everyone to participate and share their perspectives, even if they haven't finished the book.

We believe that meaningful conversations and insights can be gained from a variety of experiences and viewpoints. Our mission is to provide a space where anyone can connect with like-minded individuals, share their spiritual journeys, and grow their personal practices.




Discussing classic, historical, and lighter mysteries with “amateur” sleuths.






Our purpose is simple; we’re folks reaching beyond the veil in search of spine-tingling tales. Whether you are new to the genres of horror and thriller, or a devoted consumer of it all, this group just might be for you. We explore a variety of books ranging from ghost stories to psychological mind benders, or perhaps you’re interested in the thrill of the chase–whatever will get those goosebumps rising and hearts racing aligns with our journey into the unexplainable.

So, what are you waiting for? Come join those of us who dare to consume just one…more…chapter.

All are welcome, except for demons–cause, you know, demons. 





A monthly discussion of a hot new title that has just hit our shelves. We'll gather with wine and munchies and have a good old time discussing books across several genres.  Come and discuss the books that interest you. Our selections are announced as they are published.  Meets the 4th Wednesday of the month, beginning March 27, 2024










My Reading Life: A Book Journal By Anne Bogel Cover Image
ISBN: 9780736983020
Availability: Likely 2-7 Business Days; Some Exceptions
Published: Ten Peaks Press - September 21st, 2021