Book Box Subscriptions

Let our experts do the shopping for you!

Monthly boxes sent to your home, chock full of bookish love from our expert staff.  A subscription that you can start and stop at any time.  Four boxes to choose from.

Cozy Mystery box - Three books every month

The books may be the first in a series, the latest in a popular series, a reprint of a classic, or a group of books fitting a cozy theme (like baking or crafting). At least one hardcover or large trade paperback edition included in each box. Each box will include one very new release. Books are picked by Sam, who is a cozy mystery fanatic. 

$40/month, includes shipping and handling











The Better You box - Two books and a gift every month

We know how many of you enjoy learning more about how we as humans understand our own emotional, mental, and spiritual journeys. Let’s explore together with recent releases in  psychology, self help, philosophy, spirituality, and personal reflections. Each box will be themed and include at least one additional item such as tea, candle, special bookmark, journal, etc. Selections will be curated by Alexis, a mom and better living books proponent.


$60/month, includes shipping and handling










Out of This World Book box - Two books every month

“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.” Let’s dive deep into the fantastic with fantasy, science fiction, alternative history, and so much more; in worlds that seem to already exist just at the edge of our imaginations.  We’ll provide at least one hardcover and one paperback of the latest trendsetters, or an underappreciated modern classic, selected by Alex, our librarian and lover of the new world we haven't visited yet.


$40/month, includes shipping and handling