The Aaron's Books Mission


At Aaron’s Books we lead with kindness. We believe in the value of discovery and community. We strive to always be welcoming and encouraging to all who enter our door- physically and virtually.

Aaron’s Books offers new and used books, curated for our community with all ages and interests in mind. We work to provide a welcoming, comfortable environment. Aaron’s Books staff are all engaged readers who serve our customers and community with excellent customer service. Aaron’s Books values diverse stories and ideas, and our role in being a part of our community’s health and growth. We encourage reading and literacy in our community in a variety of ways, including book groups, author events, and working with schools and area nonprofits. We believe independent bookstores, through their building and their staff, serve as a “third place” for the area, not only selling a product but also providing a gathering place for people and ideas. Aaron’s Books aims to be a nurturing presence in our community.

Aaron’s Books strives to include and feature a wider and more diverse collection of authors and creators than what is reflected in our community as a whole, in regard to race, religion, sexuality, gender, and identity. We are a safe space for our community to gather and discuss. We do not tolerate any racism, hate speech, or bullying in the store or through our online presence.

As a white owned business in a predominantly white community, Aaron’s Books recognizes that we have a responsibility to educate and improve ourselves with regard to BIPOC, LGBTQA+, persons with a disability, and other marginalized communities. We will continue to improve the diversity of our store stock, and be more cognizant of our own words and actions, understanding the inherent and systemic racism in our nation’s history, the publishing industry, bookselling, and our own community.